RIB core values describe the conduct of RIB’s personnel in order to serve better the community and to focus on achieving its goals.
These core values are abridged as “PRIDE”.

•    Professionalism: To consistently apply knowledge and skills effectively and completely, having regard for confidentiality, proficiency, positive attitude, exemplary conduct and impeccable appearance. To work cohesively and harmoniously with direction and purpose towards a common goal.

•    Respect: To respect Leadership, institution and people we serve.

•    Integrity & Accountability: To conduct ourselves with self-esteem, honesty, independence and high standards. To use a process that involves taking responsibility for, and being answerable to others, for actions or lack thereof.

•    Dedication: To demonstrate the strength and fortitude to take appropriate actions in the face of adversity and the ability to endure any consequences that may follow.

•    Enthusiasm: To enthusiastically devote ourselves to the mission of the Institution. To be committed to do our duties to the best of our abilities.


Emergence Toll free Numbers


Emergency call/ Sharing crime related informations

Call: 166


Reporting domestic and/or gender based violence

Call: 3512


Reporting dissatisfaction of RIB services

Call: 2040


Isange One Stop Centre

Call: 3029


Reporting child abuse

Call: 116

Media inquiries

Media inquiries

Call: (+250)788 311 164