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The Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) is an autonomous specialized body established by the law Nº12/2017 of 07/04/2017 and responsible for performing career investigative functions, gathers evidence, and assists local law enforcement agencies in ensuring law and order.
The law provided a transitional period of one year for RIB to assume criminal investigation responsibilities from 20th April 2017.

Mission of RIB

RIB has the following mission:

1° to prevent and pre-empt criminal acts by identifying and investigating all kinds of physical or cyber-attacks;

2° to conduct an investigation intended to identify, stop and dismantle existing or emerging criminal acts and cartels whose activities threaten or may threaten the country, people and properties...Read more

Powers of RIB

In accordance with relevant laws, RIB has the following powers:

1º to arrest and detain criminal suspects;

2º to cordon off and restrict access to an area or set up a roadblock for the purposes of maintaining security, preventing or detecting....Read more