Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) was established by law NÂș12/2017 of 07/04/2017 which gives it mandate to perform career criminal investigative functions. This mandate was formerly under the responsibility of the Rwanda National Police - Criminal Investigation Department since its establishment in 2000.

On 09th April 2018, His Excellency Paul KAGAME, the President of the Republic of Rwanda, appointed the first and current RIB Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General.

On 18th April 2018, Rwanda National Police (RNP) formally handed over criminal investigation responsibilities to Rwanda Investigation Bureau in an event that was presided over by the Minister of Justice/Attorney General.


Emergence Toll free Numbers


Emergency call/ Sharing crime related informations

Call: 166


Reporting domestic and/or gender based violence

Call: 3512


Reporting dissatisfaction of RIB services

Call: 2040


Isange One Stop Centre

Call: 3029


Reporting child abuse

Call: 116

Media inquiries

Media inquiries

Call: (+250)788 311 164