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Statement from Rwanda Investigation Bureau

Posted: 09.10.2018, 11:59

1. This morning, 9 October 2018, Ms Ingabire Umuhoza Victoire appeared at Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) in response to a summons to discuss factually-incorrect statements recently made by her, or attributed to her, that may constitute violations of the Penal Code.

2. Specifically at issue are characterisations of her  conviction as "political", and references to others as "political prisoners". Ms Ingabire applied for and received a conditional commutation of the remainder of her sentence, but her conviction by the Supreme Court still stands.

3. Ms Ingabire stated that she was acting based on poor advice and ignorance of the law, and committed to abide by the law going forward, and to clarify her position on these matters. Failure to do so would trigger appropriate legal action. She also disclosed that she does not have control of all of the social media accounts operating in her name.

4. The conversation took place in a cordial atmosphere, and Ms Ingabire re-iterated her readiness to contribute to the peaceful development of the country. She stated that arrangements are being made for her children to come visit her through the "Come and See, Go and Tell" program.