RIB community outreach continues after tour of Western and Northern Provinces

RIB has concluded a two-month long community outreach in the remote areas of Western and Northern Provinces. The nationwide outreach program aims at raising awareness on child rights, teenage pregnancies and domestic violence through building stronger partnership and decentralization of some of RIB services to remote communities.

The outreach that kicked off on 02nd September 2019, saw RIB investigators touring all districts of Western Province. Along with local leaders, RIB investigators provided legal guidance to some of the complaints from the citizens and opened case files for others that were criminal in nature.

The campaign continued in the Northern Province, where RIB investigators took services and the message against child abuse to citizens of the 5 districts of this Province. Here, investigators highlighted different cases of early marriages and called upon locals to report on time such cases and any other related crimes for the victims to have justice.

According to RIB spokesperson Modeste Mbabazi, the use of RIB Mobile Station and Isange One Stop Center vans in this outreach was to enable investigators receive and open files of criminal cases in real time.

“The outreach came out of the need for RIB to decentralize Criminal Investigation Services and to build a stronger partnership with the community we serve. It is also meant to give support to RIB Stations which are not easily accessible by the community. We receive and give orientation of complaints which are criminal in nature or are somehow connected with criminal investigation,” said the Spokesperson.

On Monday 14, investigators will head to the Southern Province after which the campaign will proceed to the remote communities in the districts making up the Eastern Province.

The ongoing community outreach will end in the City of Kigali, where the message will be on protecting and safeguarding evidences of defilement and rape.




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