Criminal Investigation Clearance

Requirements for criminal investigation clearance

  1. Application letter to RIB Secretary General.
  2. Two passport photos.
  3. A receipt of 1,200 Rwf (Irembo, Mobi cash or banks after declaration)
  4. A copy of passport for people who want to go abroad and National ID for in-country purposes.
  5. Criminal record clearance (Extrait du Casier Judiciaire) issued by the National Prosecution Authority
  6. Fill out a form of certificate of good conduct issued by RIB (signed by the Executive Secretary of Sector, Chief Assistant Investigator at Station Bureau and Chief Investigator at District Bureau).

Emergence Toll free Numbers


Emergency call/ Sharing crime related informations

Call: 166


Reporting domestic and/or gender based violence

Call: 3512


Reporting dissatisfaction of RIB services

Call: 2040


Isange One Stop Centre

Call: 3029


Reporting child abuse

Call: 116

Media inquiries

Media inquiries

Call: (+250)788 311 164